What is uPVC Profile Bending?

What is UPVC profile bending?

When a curved or shaped uPVC window frame or door frame is required, uPVC profile can be heated up using specific profile bending machines. It takes years for a fabricator to learn the process involved in uPVC profile bending.

At Universal Arches, we have been bending uPVC profile since 1994 and many of our bending fabricators have been in our employment for over 15 years. Our customers are window fabricators who manufacture their own square window and door frames, but need assistance when it comes to shaping uPVC door and window frames. Our customers can either deliver their profile to our factory in St Helens, we can collect it with our own transport within our delivery area, or we can organise a nationwide collection with our dedicated courier service. Using the cutting list that we supply for the specific order, we then shape the profile and fabricate the frame, then deliver the finished product to our customers when complete. We carry out stringent Quality Control systems along the way. Thanks to investment in a state-of-the-art CAD machine, we can also supply shaped double glazed units, or glass sizes/glass templates if our customers would prefer to source the glass themselves.

We can manufacture arched and angled window/door frames in any system on the market if the customer supplies their own profile, or if you prefer a fully finished and geared up “ready to fit” frame we can manufacture it in our in house profile, which is Rehau.

The profile sections to be curved are filled and encased in nylon formers designed to keep the shape of the profile while bending is taking place. These nylon formers also heat up and become pliable as does the UPVC profile. Once the profile has been within the oven for the designated time at around 130deg c the profile complete with formers are removed from the oven and is then curved around the appropriate jig and clamped into place and left to cool whilst the bend sets to the desired shape.

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