Circular Window Frames

Who can manufacture a Circular Window?

Circular Windows are one of the shaped frames we create at Universal Arches. During the process of Bending the uPVC, our fabricators weld and polish the frames by hand, to ensure there are no visible joints, resulting in a window with a perfect finish. We have recently invested in new machinery which will enable us to create a round window in less time, resulting in shorter lead times.

Do Circular or Round windows have good thermal performance?

Circular windows have been popular since the beginning of the 17th Century and are often referred to as a Round or Bullseye window. Modern circular windows offer the same level of thermal efficiency as a square or rectangular window, to keep your home warm, so there is no need to compromise when it comes to designing the perfect round window for your home.

Whether your home is modern or traditional, a circular window will add character. Using in-house CAD drawings for accuracy, Universal Arches manufacture uPVC Circular Windows in bespoke sizes with either a fixed pane or with an opening sash to allow the air to circulate.

As well as being thermally efficient, durable, secure and stylish, uPVC Windows are easy to maintain, all they will need is a wipe clean from time to time. We manufacture shaped window frames in a wide range of colours, including White, Cream, Light Grey, Anthracite Grey, Light Oak, Chartwell Green and Black. We can also offer one colour inside your home, with a different colour outside. Each of the uPVC colours are available in a smooth finish or with an authentic woodgrain finish which closely replicates timber, but without the need for the regular maintenance of painting or staining a wooden window.


Round Window


Sustainable uPVC windows

uPVC’s long lifespan, low maintenance, and potential for high-quality reuse make it one of the most sustainable products currently available in the building and home improvement market.

Where can I buy glass for my round window?

When we manufacture a round uPVC window, we can also supply round double glazed units, or we can provide you with glass sizes for you to source your own glazing. If you would prefer to order your arched glass yourself, did you know that we use a CAD system to produce precise glass sizes, so that there is no need for glass templates?  Get in touch with Universal Arches to find out more

Some of the designs which have opening sashes are fitted with lockable safety catches and a safety restrictor which can be dis-engaged to make cleaning windows easier. The following opening configurations can be achieved:

What is a fixed window?

A window which doesn’t open is known as a Fixed Frame. Universal Arches bend uPVC profile to manufacture Fixed Circular windows with a radius of 190mm upwards and when looking at the round window externally, only 50mm of uPVC frame is visible from where the brickwork ends to where the glass starts, resulting in an aesthetically impressive round window. Universal Arches can supply a shaped double glazed unit to fit perfectly.


Fixed Round Windows


Centre Pivot Window

If the round window is going to be difficult to reach from outside, a Centre Pivot window could be suitable, where the window can be opened with a 180 degree rotation, perfect for use in high rise applications. When the window is open, it is easy to reach the outside to clean the glass. Having invested in state-of-the-art machinery, we are confident that we will be able to bend uPVC Rehau profile with absolute symmetry, between the left and right side of the centre pivot window, however tight the radius.

We fully fabricate pivot windows and fit hinges and a stylish handle in a choice of White or Brown. Circular Windows with a centre pivot can be manufactured with a minimum diameter of 800mm.


Centre Pivot Window

Manufactured by Universal Arches

Centre Pivot Window

Circular Centre Pivot Window










Circular Window with opening sash

We manufacture circular windows with an opening sash. Choose whether the top half of the window or the bottom half will open, or whether to have a window with a Centre Pivot as mentioned earlier. This might depend on whether you can reach the top of the window and whether you would prefer the window to open outwards, so that it doesn’t interfere with your curtains or blinds, or tilt inwards.

If you prefer your round window to open outwards, the opening sash would be at the top, fitted with an anodised silver handle. The hinge on this design will be visible from the outside. The minimum diameter for this configuration is 590mm.

For sashes which tilt inwards on a round window, the opening sash would be at the bottom and is fitted with a lockable handle in a choice of White or Brown. This design is ideal if the window is installed high up in the room, making it easier to reach and open the lower half. The minimum diameter for this design is 600mm, with a recommended maximum diameter of 1000mm.  Larger round windows can be considered, please get in touch to discuss this with us.

Visible uPVC sightlines: 115mm on an opening circular window and 150mm visible with Centre Pivot circular windows.

Please note: Glass can be supplied within a 50 mile radius of our premises in St Helens. For deliveries outside of this area, we can supply glass sizes which you can use to order your own glass locally. 


Round window with opening sash


Contact our Customer Services Team on 01744 612844, we will be happy to discuss your project requirements.

Universal Arches manufactures shaped window frames and doors in a wide range of uPVC colours and finishes. For more information contact our customer services team on 01744 612844 or email

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