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Universal Arches was established in 1996 and is the leading expert in the uPVC arching Industry. We specialise in manufacturing individually designed, shaped uPVC door and window frames. We work with the finest material suppliers, including Veka and Residence 9. Many of our Bending fabricators have been in our employment for over 15 years, having been trained in-house using specialised skills and technology developed over two decades.

Quality and customer service is paramount and we take pride in being different from mainstream window companies. We carry the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System which is internationally recognised as the world’s leading quality management standard.


Our Customers

Our customers are uPVC window fabricators who manufacture their own square window and door frames, but need assistance when it comes to shaping door and window frames. Our customers deliver their profile to our factory in St Helens along with the full specification of what’s required. We then shape the profile and deliver the finished frames to our customers within a 50 mile radius. We carry out stringent Quality Control systems along the way. Thanks to investment in a state-of-the-art CAD machine, we can also supply shaped double glazed units, or glass sizes if our customers would prefer to source the glass themselves.


Specialists in shaped frames

Universal Arches is part of a medium sized, privately owned group of specialist fenestration companies which includes KAT, Spitfire Doors and Stag Aluminium. All market leaders in their own right, all operating in niche sectors as true manufacturing specialists of bespoke products.

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We deliver our shaped door and window frames within a 50 mile radius of St Helens free of charge. Glass can also be supplied within a 50 miles radius. For deliveries outside of this area, we can supply a glass template which you can use to order your own glass locally.

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Why choose Universal Arches?

At Universal Arches, we take great pride in offering a quality service, quality products and quality standards. We also offer:

What is uPVC Profile Bending?

When a curved or shaped uPVC window frame or door frame is required, uPVC profile can be heated up using specific profile Bending machines. It takes years for a fabricator to learn the process involved in uPVC profile Bending. At Universal Arches, we manufacture Arched, Angled, Gable Ends, Triangular, Circular, D Frames and Gothic Shaped Door and Window Frames in a wide range of uPVC colours and finishes.




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14 09 20

10% off Angled Frames

Gable End Windows

10% off Angled Frames

ORDER UPVC ANGLED FRAMES AND RECEIVE A 10% DISCOUNT* Universal Arches manufacture angled uPVC windows, also known as gable ends. ... read more

21 08 20

Shutters for unusual shaped windows

uPVC Shaped windows

Shutters for unusual shaped windows

Windows and Doors are becoming more a part of the furniture when re-designing our homes. There is now an almost... read more

22 07 20

Fully Fabricated Doors and Windows

Shaped uPVC Door Frame

Fully Fabricated Doors and Windows

At Universal Arches, we specialise in Bending uPVC profile to make Arched, Angled, Gothic  or Circular frames on behalf of... read more

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