uPVC Shaped Frames with no visible joints

At Universal Arches, we take great pride in hand-finishing our shaped uPVC door and window frames. During the last 20 years, our fabricators have been mastering the art of bending uPVC profile to manufacture perfect frames, every time. During the process of Bending the uPVC, we weld and polish the frames, to ensure there are no visible joints, resulting in a window with a fabulous, smooth finish. 

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Hand polishing a welded joint at Universal Arches


As it takes at least two years to learn how to fabricate a shaped frame, many of our customers who fabricate uPVC windows and doors themselves, have chosen to make square or rectangular frames and ask us to make the shaped frames for them.  We hold plenty of stock of uPVC profile in a wide range of colours in both smooth and woodgrain finishes and manufacture the shaped windows and shaped door frames for our customers. For some projects, we also manufacture shaped uPVC frames using profile supplied by our customers.

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Our uPVC windows closely resemble timber windows with their smooth curved or angled joints, but unlike timber, they have the benefit of requiring very little ongoing maintenance and offer excellent thermal performance and high levels of security.

We have invested in high-performance machinery which heats the joints of the uPVC so it melts a little and is then pressed together to create the perfect and exceptionally strong welded joint. Once the window has been created, our fabricators take time to knife away any excess and then they carefully hand polish the weld, resulting in a strong, barely visible joint.


Universal Arches recently invested in high performance machinery


We manufactured shaped uPVC windows and shaped door frames in bespoke dimensions, in a wide range of colours. Contact our Customer Services team on 01744 612844 or contact us here.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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